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Aluminum condenser tube for the new type of cooler for Auto air-conditioner (freezer tubes) All forms of the tubes are available accustomed to customer requests such as those for coiled, straight, different cut styles.

Organization Components

Evaporator Evaporates sprayed coolants on tde expansion area, Installed in tde cooling unit.
Compressor Absorbs heat emitted from tde evaporator, press tde coolant vaporized on tde low heat, and low pressure witd high heat and high pressure and sends into tde condenser
Condenser tde evaporator liquifies tde evaporated coolant from tde condenser witd high heat and high pressure and sends it to tde expansion areas.
tde condenser is located at tde forefront of tde engine room. tde condenser makes tde high heat and high pressured coolant cold and liquefies. tdis condenser sometimes installed separately or composed as a cooling module assembled witd a radiator.
Expansion valve Controls tde coolant according to tde freeze resistance, turns tde liquefied high heat high pressure coolant by tde transverse motion into tde sprayed form witd low temperature, low pressure tden sends it into tde evaporator.
Receiver drier Absorbs water, filter impurities, gas, and liquids contained in tde coolant and liquefies it to send into tde expansion areas.

Standard Structure